Post Post Local

Images from Post Post Local, at Clay Street Press in Cincinnati OH. May 27th - August 1st, 2016.

 Taylor Carter

Sofia Castagna

Olivia Gorman

Taylor Carter and Oliva Gorman(bkgrd) Julie Drout (Front)

Taylor Carter

Taylor Carter, Olivia Gorman, Julie Drout

Sofia Castagna

Megan Stevens

Julie Drout

John Dixon

Sophie Neslund (R) Julie Drout (M) Sofia Castagna (L)

Sophie Neslund (bkgd) Julie Drout (front)

 Sophie Neslund

Sofia Castagna

Harmony Denlinger

Sophie Neslund

Taylor Carter

Olivia Gorman

About the show:
The exhibition Post Post Local is a collection of work made by students and professors from the University of Cincinnati in response to thoughts on regionalism and globalism. It simply shows what we make at home within the perimeters of our materials and facility, and how we handle our ideas placed within the new environment of factories in Jingdezhen, China.

Post Post Local is a response to an exhibition last December at the Mufei Gallery in Jingdezhen, where half of the work in the exhibition was made and carried on a plane from the US. The other half was produced while in residence at The Pottery Workshop during a 3.5 weeklong study abroad course. This iteration examines each artist’s response to working in Jingdezhen, China and how that has affected their current studio practice.

One step in the making process can be exchanged for another, allowing each artist to experiment while gaining a stronger hold on porcelain, a material with one of the sharpest learning curves. This back and forth of knowledge and give and take of tradition is why we value our time working in Jingdezhen.

Hopefully this exhibition suggests that we are moving forward culturally and creatively. We are asking ourselves “ what is local”, is it only based on geographic and political boundary, or as individuals do we continuously re-define the place we call here as we build on new experiences?


Summer Staff

Our very own Megan Stevens (#ucceramics BFA 2017) made it onto the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts summer newsletter! She is spending the next three months in Newcastle ME working with over 100 artists who will come through this residency, and we could not be more excited for her.


Large Scale Building

Fall Advanced Special Studio - still a couple spots open!


Post Local at Mufei Gallery, Jingdezhen

A few images from Post Local, organized by The Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen and UC ceramics. Each student brought work from the US, which was shown alongside new work made in Jingdezhen. In 3 weeks the students made new work, organized this show, created a catalog to go with, hosted an opening complete with fireworks, while making a giant body of new work to ship back to the US. Post Post Local, opening on May 27th at Clay Street Press, will then show the work made in Jingdezhen alongside new work from each artists studio. Whew.
Works by Harmony Denlinger, Megan Stevens, John Dixon, Olivia Gorman, Sofia Castagna, Julie Drout, Sophie Neslund, and Taylor Carter.


geeking out

When you take these kinds of dorky photos - they have to be put to good use online...



They were happy when the work arrived from China.



We just spent our third winter break in Jingdezhen China through our study abroad course Handmade in China: Porcelain studio. Working backwards with the photos, here is our last load of porcelain going into the public kiln. More to come.


Katrina Rattermann - uc ceramics at manifest

UC ceramics alum Katrina Rattermann in front of her piece "Bleeding Heart" at Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati a couple weeks ago. This piece is part of Manifest's 9th annual MASTER PIECES, an exhibition of current and recent MFA students from across the country. Katrina is currently a graduate student at The University of Arkansas, studying with some amazing artists and professors.

going to Kansas City

This summer two our students went to Kansas City to work at Red Star with Rain Harris and Meredith Host. Taylor Carter received a Wolfstein Travel Fellowship to spend two weeks with Rain and help her develop a new body of work, and tour the sites of KC. Megan just finished working with Meredith last week, again developing new projects for NCECA 2016. I can't wait to hear more, and see these connections come back around this March. In the meantime, I did get the inside scoop from Mo Dickens - the best ceramic/arts enthusiast I know - with photos to prove it.


university of cincinnati, intro to wheel throwing

2nd year MFA Colin Klimesh had his Intro to Wheel students photograph and stage their work to present during the final critique, rather than the pots themselves. The photographs are amazing (as is the work), and it is exciting to see how each student envisions their pieces being used out in the real world. Look out instagram (#ucceramics)...
Olivia Gorman - sophomore

Carmen Ostermann - senior

Sarah Christie