Jingdezhen China

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas break, 11 students and 2 faculty spent three weeks in Jingdezhen China at The Pottery Workshop. We showed up with molds, models, 3-d prints and CNC milled prototypes, and worked until the bitter end. Below, a short slide show of our trip.... 
 Blue and White painting with Huang Fei

 The studio at the beginning...

Poking our head into public kilns around the sculpture factory 

Trip to the Big Pot factory

Watching Guy overglaze paint

Senior Leah Suber's studio 

One Artist One Horse reception at the Mufei Gallery 

Studio towards the end of our residency

Second year grad Christy Wittmer's studio

Senior Maxine Midtbo's lithophane



This is what you see when you log in to uc.edu. Folks, we have officially made it.
(taken from our trip to Jingdezhen, China which I will be posting pictures of soon)