Clay and Glazes

The Clay and Glaze research class completed hundreds of tests of the raw ceramic materials we stock in the studio, and learned to fired kilns to low, mid, and high temperature ranges in both oxidation and reduction atmospheres. Beyond that there was a collaborative tile project, and an individual research assignment where they put their results into practice making 2-d and 3-d work.


Neon Dreams @ The American Sign Museum

"Act Like A Lady", by Julie Drout
"Bug Bomb" by Leah Suber
"Stop, End, Cease" by Rebecca Streeter
This is a reminder to all - send me pictures of your work from Neon Dreams so I can blog about the show!


The City Flea

We participated in The City Flea this Saturday to raise money for our course in Jingdezhen China
this December. All went swimmingly - so nice to expose the work to folks outside of DAAP and UC. 
5 weeks and counting until we take off for three weeks at The Pottery Workshop!


a few more...

Rachel Lundak - as seen around town. Top image from "Photon Phenomenon", bottom image from "Basic Needs" at Semantics.


around town this summer

current student and alumni work, taken with my cell phone...

Christy Wittmer, 2nd year grad student. 
ALL FALL DOWN, at UC's Meyers Gallery

Jessie Rienerth, BFA 2012

Meagan Martin, BFA 2011


NCECA - 2014

National Student Juried Exhibition - deadline is September 24th, 2013
link to all the information here

The conference is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this year - which means we can drive! The chances of us all going just increased 1000%. The new school year starts in t-minus 14 days, so time to start posting again.


getting close to end

Whitney Smartt - Intro to Wheel Throwing 

Julie Drout - Moldmaking Special Studio

Jackie Braden - Moldmaking Special Studio

Becca Streeter - Intro to Wheel Throwing



The ceramics club managed to raise money and get themselves to NCECA this year. They also printed shirts for themselves with the face of George Ohr, the self proclaimed Mad Potter contemplating the condition of matter.
I have know idea where they came up with this crazy idea.