Handmade in China II: Stay Handsome

The exhibition at Clay Street Press of work made during our international studio course in 
Jingdezhen , China last semester. 

We all pitched in for the cup wall

Christy Wittmer

Colin Kilmesh

Kayla Wandsnider

Guy Michael Davis and Katie Parker


Matt Jones

Sophie Neslund 

Sophie( Mao ) and Linnea Campbell( spoons)

Linnea Campbell

Matt Jones, Terence Hammonds, and Kayla Wandsnider

Matt Jones

Sophie Neslund

Terence Hammonds

Todd Richman

This is our second year to hold this class in China's Porcelain city.


university of cincinnati ceramics department - best bets

Our end of the year ceramics display case - display. Mike really took this to another level (again), and it looks amazing. The work is majority intro to handbuilding and moldmaking, which is great to see such strong pieces coming out of beginning level ceramics courses.


MFA Colin Klimesh

This image from Colin Klimesh's MFA installation at the CAC does not do the work justice. I will be posting the good stuff soon. He is also in an opening at the Carnegie and Clay Street Press this Friday night, so look out Cincinnati.


Now Here

Detail shot from Christy Wittmer's piece in "Now Here: Theoretical Landscapes" at The Carnegie in Covington KY. You can read a review of the show here.

porcelain OTR - UC/DAAP architecture studio

This piece was made last year in collaboration with a graduate DAAP architecture studio (of only six students) and ceramics taught by Aaron Betsky, former director of the Cincinnati Art Museum. He wrote a really nice piece about this work here for Architect Magazine. This was an insane labor of love for everyone involved, handsculpting buildings and milling the topography of Over the Rhine, the largest collection of Italianate architecture in the country.

Christy Wittmer - MFA UC Ceramics 2014

No glue, all balanced work.
Christy Wittmer's LUSH, installed at the CAC last April. Christy's website is here, and you can see more images of her recent work made at BANFF here.

Rachel Lundak - MFA UC Ceramics 2014

Foam brick exterior walls
Hand cut colored tape on paper... crazy
The hearth - mirror image of giant JR mural behind Rachel's installation
Overhead views of Rachel's MFA show, 21st Century Dining Room, installed at the CAC. The table is pink foam with walnut legs, the fireplace is a sticker - the entire piece is a trompe l'oeil wink to Home Depot and Ikea, a play on what can be down with mundane materials. Rachel's website - click here. 

handmade in china 2014

Christy Wittmer - MFA second year (this piece was also in the NCECA Biennial this year!)

Rachel Lundak - MFA second year 

Julie Ward - MFA second year

Our class cup wall

Rachel Lundak and Colin Klimesh (MFA 1st year) collaboration

Leah Suber - BFA senior (with an amazing story about why this piece exists)

More Christy Wittmer awesomeness

Lauren Kline - BFA

Sam Dorgan - BFA

So, this post is a year late, since we are now celebrating the closing of Handmade in China II: Stay Handsome Friday night at Clay Street Press. Good looking photos coming soon.