Kuldeep Malhi

Kuldeep Malhi uses repeating forms in a way that I think Kevin may find familiar with his domes. Malhi utilizes this cross between ceramics and architecture to create a rather tactile, vertical environment. 


Ceramics Sale

The DAAP Advanced Ceramics class is having a sale of all their AWESOME hand-made things. Pottery, jewelry, and other clay items will be out for all to purchase.
Be there, or you're missing out on a pretty great time. 

The Sale will open at 5pm the night of DAAPWorks.
Tuesday, June 5th- 5-8pm
Wednesday, June 6th- 2-6pm
Thursday, June 7th- 2-6pm
Friday, June 8th- 2-5pm
Saturday, June 9th- 10-1pm

DAAP Ceramics Studio, (Wolfson) Room 4300
Enticing photos coming soon!


Senior Thesis/DAAPworks show is coming up for all the seniors in the studio. This postcard gives a sneak peek at whats to come in the Fine Arts exhibition.
We are all sure the ceramics students will shine in the show, so tell all your friends and family!

It "Seams" to Make Sense.

 Ceramicist Monika Patuszynska uses the slip casting method in a nonconventional way. It is almost impossible to create a mold that does not create parting lines on the clay positive. Most artists spend tons of time scraping and sanding them down. Monika does just the opposite. She goes as far as to destroy her mold to create these lines, smashing them into various fragments to then piece them back together with jagged edges that resemble the profiles of rocks jutting out from the sea or mineral formations from desert lands. 

I think current senior Alana Burfield could find a lot of inspiration from this nationally known artist.