Greenwich House Pottery Residency/Internship

Greenwich House Pottery in New York offers both ongoing Resident Artist Programs and Internship Programs.

As the name implies, this is a program mainly for those interested in pursuing pottery (at least for a season) -- refining craftsmanship, glaze testing, and experimentation with form and function, as well as working in a community.

Greenwich House Pottery's 'Mission and Vision' center around utilizing art-making as a tool for improving the quality of life of individuals and families that make up the communities they serve.

Please enjoy this amusing 1958 video about GHP hosted by Sonny Fox! You'll probably not make it through the whole video...for obvious reasons...

So maybe check out this current video of what the community program is like now.

Applications for the Resident Artist program must be postmarked May 1st
Internship Applications for the Summer must also be postmarked May 1st, but Greenwich House also offers Fall, Winter, and Spring Internships

For more information about the program go to greenwichhouse.org


Russell Ferguson  - foundations professor at the Kansas City Art Institute talking about quality in art.


New Work Happening

New work from Alana Burfield, deconstruction of the mold-making process.
For more on her process and exhibitions / site specific installations, click here to check out her blog.

New work by Dan Espy, a life size figurative self portrait (currently in process).

Sara Paraskeva-Beauty and the Wheel

Looking for contemporary ceramic arts? Specifically a wheel thrower? Look no further than Sara Paraskeva.

For anyone who has thrown on a wheel, ceramic artist Sue Paraskeva shows the beauty of it, every step of the way. With simple techniques and traditional tools, watching her video makes me want to learn how to throw.

check out her video here and be amazed:

Hand & Eye Studio

Hand & Eye Studio is one of the many small industry ceramic designers around the world. This UK based team pairs design with manufacturing, but never takes the human hand out of it.

 The guys at Hand & Eye Studio take design principles and fuse them with the physical process of making. This not only allows for experimentation and accidents, but a reunion with handmade objects.

Their simple shapes, simple glazes, and simple function is not far from what we do at DAAP. Using this studio as an example, extending our skills can make a profit, and shows how people around the world are doing it.

check out their website at:


Everything You Wanted To Know About Plaster

Mike Davis recently had an article published in Ceramics Monthly, whispering to the world all of the secrets of plaster.

Read the article here: ceramicartsdaily