Post Local at Mufei Gallery, Jingdezhen

A few images from Post Local, organized by The Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen and UC ceramics. Each student brought work from the US, which was shown alongside new work made in Jingdezhen. In 3 weeks the students made new work, organized this show, created a catalog to go with, hosted an opening complete with fireworks, while making a giant body of new work to ship back to the US. Post Post Local, opening on May 27th at Clay Street Press, will then show the work made in Jingdezhen alongside new work from each artists studio. Whew.
Works by Harmony Denlinger, Megan Stevens, John Dixon, Olivia Gorman, Sofia Castagna, Julie Drout, Sophie Neslund, and Taylor Carter.


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They were happy when the work arrived from China.