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Slapdash - a collaborative show between University of Cincinnati 2nd year MFAs Colin Klimesh and Justin Hodges with 2014 UC ceramics alumni Christy Wittmer. Slapdash was installed at Neon Heater in Findlay Ohio this spring.

About the show:
Humans clock in on the food chain just above predators with sharp teeth and claws. The hierarchy exists because of advanced problem solving skills, and probably thumbs that move a little more. In this model, human agency is active, enabling it to push against a planet full of passive things. Slapdash suggests that the things pushing back are as critical as the ones doing the pushing. 
The impetus for the exhibition is simple, to make tangible the group's ruminations on materialtiy and objecthood. In total, Slapdash is a product of a collaboration between the three artists and the things they could fit into a car and rummage from the gallery. (all photos from Christy Wittmer's website)

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